So, you have a pet you want photographed?  I need to live vicariously through you because my husband will not let us get a dog!  I was heartbroken to hear that the beautiful boxer in my gallery below had passed away.  His family has thanked me over and over for the fact that they have this professional quality photo of him so they can remember what an important member of the family he was.  Your pet is a huge part of your family’s story so let’s make that apparent. 
Before our session I will be sure...
- to help you decide what kind of products you want in order to display your pictures around your home or office
- help you decide the best location for our session
During our session I will be sure...
- to photograph you and your pet have some natural fun 
- to capture a formal portrait with the help of your commands and me yelling "do you want a treat??" in order to get the adorable ears to perk up
After our session I will be sure...
- to view your gallery with you either in person or virtually
- to digitally show you what your favorite pictures will look like in the products we discussed before your session
- the products I provide for you will be expertly prepared for printing, customized exactly to your preferences, and heirloom quality to last for generations​​​​​​​
The above session fees do not cover any products or digital files. You will purchase high-end products after viewing your gallery.  My specialty vendors supply me with wall art, gift prints, and albums that will make you swoon.  Wall art collections start around $700 (infinite options of frame type, sizes, layouts, etc.).  After you have chosen your wall art collection you can add on gift prints 5x7 and up starting at $65.  These prints are mounted to a backing board to prevent warping in a frame and are not available from any consumer printer.  Thick page lay flat custom designed albums start at $372 for a genuine leather 8x8 beauty in a large array of colors to choose from.
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After submitting your contact below please check your spam folder if you do not hear back from me within a few hours (I mostly reply immediately!)
Thank you!
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