Kerry Goodwin is a Merrimack Valley based photographer who finds joy in working with anyone who is willing to work with her.  No job is too big or too small.
Since 2007, Kerry has been a photographer and has been complimented on her patience by almost everyone she has worked with.  She is very casual and laid back and that helps her keep calm even when a 3 year old wants to do the opposite of what she's asking.  Kerry prides herself on perfectly focused eyes in photos and getting a genuine smile out of people even when they're clearly uncomfortable in front of the camera.  Being hired for a job has never ceased to be exciting and flattering for Kerry.  She is so appreciative that people like her work and it means the world to her that people trust in her for their photography needs.
After struggling with infertility Kerry and her husband were overjoyed to welcome twins to complete their family (2007).  Life was grand but 9 years later they were completely blindsided by the fact that Kerry was pregnant at 43!  Their third child was born in 2016 and changed their lives in ways they could have never imagined.  They had to sell their home and move to a new town but they are all settled in now and can't imagine life without that precious miracle baby.

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